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10 Game of Thrones Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

Game of Thrones is one of the most unpredictable and complicated series out there. As a result, its fans are partial to an outlandish theory or two, from the idea that the whole show is a Global Warming metaphor to an even weirder thought that Varys could be a mermaid.

With the show drawings to its highly anticipated climax fairly soon, we thought we’d give you a rundown of some of the best fan theories for how it will eventually end. But beware, for the night is dark and full of spoilers.

This is ten Game of Thrones theories that will blow your mind.

Number 10: The Faceless Men Theory

 Some Game of Thrones theories you’d love to see come true, and others you really, really wouldn’t. One theory that falls into the ‘please, God no’ category is one surrounding popular fan favorite Arya Stark. Namely, it’s the ‘Arya is dead’ theory.

This theory states that in the Season 6, episode 8, showdown of Jaqen’s prodigies, it was actually the Waif, not Arya, who emerged victorious. Think about it … you don’t specifically see the Waif die, which has been Game of Thrones code for ‘that character’s not really dead’ in the past.

The odds were definitely against the youngest Stark girl in that fight – she had been stabbed multiple times in the stomach and had never bested the Waif before. Then there was Jaquen’s reaction – why would he give that creepy little smile unless he knew there was something else going on? So, secretly wearing Arya’s face, the Waif is now traveling up north. Who knows what her endgame is, but I’m gonna guess is not good news for the Starks.

King Roberts and the Lannisters considered using Faceless Men assassins to kill Daenerys way back when, meaning it’s not out of the question that the Waif could be working for them now, hired to kill Cersei’s enemies in the north.

Number 9: Samwell is the Narrator

This theory is one that’s been gaining a lot of popularity online lately. It’s even been discussed by John Bradley, the actor who plays the character in question. The idea is that the entirety of the show is based on the chronicle of events written by everyone’s favorite maester-in-training, Samwell Tarly.

Season 7 sees Sam in his nerdy elements at the citadel, surrounded by books and studying under Professor Slughorn, I mean Archmaester Ebrose.

Ebrose is writing a history titled ‘The Chronicles of the Wars Following the Death of King Robert I’. Sound familiar? yeah, that’s basically just a fancy way of saying ‘The plot of Game of Thrones’.

Sam comments on the title, saying that he would’ve gone for something a bit more poetic. Hmmm … what could he be thinking? ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’, perhaps?

Fans of this theory have predicted that the final scene of the fantasy medieval will be Sam closing the big book of the series. Whilst this prediction doesn’t really tell us anything about who will end up on the Iron Throne, it would mean that at least Sam survives to the end.

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