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20 Transgender Celebrities We All Admire

Here’s twenty transgender celebrities we all admire.

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1. Caitlyn Jenner

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Jenner often says that the most important thing in the world is to be your true self. So, he got a lot of surgery and is taking bioidentical and synthetic hormones, and he believes that that is making him who he really is. And he believes he and other people who transition are very courageous and are doing the most important thing that they can do.

But, can someone become who they truly are through surgery? If Jenner is now being who he truly is, it seems that he wouldn’t need something so unnatural as surgery and synthetic hormones to cause his true self to come about. One would think his true self would be organic to who he has always been.

And, if we accept that Jenner has always been a woman, then why is it that he needs to surgically alter himself to become what he already was? And if we accept that, then what does it mean to be a woman? People like Jenner are forcing all women to redefine the definition of what it means to be a woman. Jenner saying he needs to have his true self accepted and celebrated, then means that the word “woman” needs to be redefined completely. So that a biological male can feel that he is a woman.

Is all anyone needs to be a woman a feeling? If that’s the case then why is Jenner transitioning? In his Diane Sawyer interview, before his facial feminization surgery, breast implants, and lingerie photo, he said that he already was a woman. So then, why the surgery? If gender is something between your ears and not between your legs, then why do medicare sex reassignment surgery and sex reassignment surgery doctors exist?

What if Jenner had lived 100 years ago, when there was no plastic surgery like Kadlec plastic surgery? How would he then become his true self? It seems that Jenner is so ensconced in the Hollywood celebrity culture that he has lost all perspective. In Hollywood plastic surgery is a way of life, and so Jenner seems to just accept it as if it’s always existed. But, it hasn’t, so then the idea that one can become their true self by getting surgery becomes highly suspect. Does that mean that all the transgender people who existed before plastic surgery came into being were barred from being their true selves? How did transgender people find themselves before gender reassignment surgery came into existence? It seems like a severe lapse in logic to say that someone can become their true selves through surgery. It seems to be just exactly the opposite: turning against your true self and trying to become something you’re not and never will be. Jenner has had male genitalia for 65 years. He has fathered children with it. Why isn’t that a part of who he is? Why is that particular part of himself and his essence not a part of his true self?

In April 2015 Diane Sawyer interviewed former Olympian turned reality star, Bruce Jenner, about his gender identity. She asked him: “Are you a woman?” And he replied: “Yes, for all intents and purposes I am a woman.”

After that interview, Jenner got facial feminization surgery and breast implants. Presumably he is taking female hormones and he now wears his hair long and wears makeup and jewelry. He changed his name from Bruce to Caitlyn and appeared as a covergirl of Vanity Fair magazine wearing lingerie. So, in his mind he’s now living as the woman that he has always felt that he was internally.

But what sort of idea of what it feels like to be a woman can a man have? As a part of his Vanity Fair article, Jenner was photographed in glamorous dresses, wearing makeup and jewelry. And, that is just precisely the sort of image a man would think of when he thinks of womanhood.

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