20 Transgender Celebrities We All Admire

Life is hard enough as it is for the average person, but imagine how much more difficult it is for people who are Transgender. They have to face ignorant people, go through transitioning, and deal with feelings of isolation.

There are some transgender celebrities who really do deserve a round of applause for everything they’ve been through. Make sure to keep reading until the end to see what Minkus from “Boy Meets World” has to do with American rapper Chanel West Coast.

Here’s ten transgender celebrities we all admire.

1. Laverne Cox

When it comes to transgender celebrities, Laverne Cox is a name that you’re probably familiar with, Laverne is a trans woman who first rose to fame after starring on the hit TV show “Orange is the new black”. She grew up in Alabama and was constantly bullied by others for being too feminine.

Laverne even had to beg her mom to let her take dance classes when she was younger. Her mom eventually gave in and signed her up for tap and jazz, but she didn’t let Laverne take a ballet because she thought that it was too girly.

Laverne always knew that she was a girl but pushed those feelings away because she thought that it was sinful. She even once swallowed a whole bottle of pills in the sixth grade because she was so ashamed of herself.

Laverne is thankfully in a much better place now that she’s living her dreams as an actress. She even thinks that America is doing much better at accepting trans people today as opposed to how things were when she was still struggling with her identity.

Nowadays, Laverne uses her fame to fight for trans rights, she is such an inspiring woman, and we love that she is so committed to helping her community. She even once told a young trans girl “remember, honey, transgender is beautiful” how amazing is she?!

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