20 Transgender Celebrities We All Admire

2. Jazz Jennings

Jazz Jennings as a trans girl who first became famous after she appeared in a televised interview with Barbara Walters when she was just six years old.

Since then, Jazz has grown up on TV with the intention of showing the world what it’s like to be a trans kid. Ever since she could form her own thoughts, Jazz knew that she was a girl trapped inside a boy’s body. She’d always steal her sister’s clothes and would even walk around the house in heels as a toddler.

When her parents would call her a boy when she was younger, she would immediately correct them by saying that she was a girl. Jazz even believed that a fairy would one day visit her to change her boy parts into girl parts.
Thankfully, her family became super supportive of her once they found out that she was actually transgendered.

Today Jazz is a popular youtuber and even stars in her own TV show on TLC. Thanks to her celebrity, she’s been helping to demystify what it means to be trans. She was also included on a list of Time Magazine’s “top 25 most influential teens of 2014”.

What we find most inspiring about Jazz is that she doesn’t care what people think about her. When asked about how she feels when people judge her, she responded, “the only opinion that really affects me is my own opinion of myself because I am determined the way I am, not anyone else”.

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