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A pregnant woman’s dog tried to warn her by constantly crying

When Alhanna Butler was expecting her first child her dog would follow her around. All day, each step Alhanna Butler took, her dog was treading behind her. In the beginning, Alhanna thought that her dog’s behavior was adorable, but later she learned her dog was trying to warn her.

Alhanna and Ricky were childhood sweethearts from Doncaster, England. After getting married the two realized they wanted to expand their family. Before taking the big step of having children, they eased into the family lifestyle by deciding to adopt a dog.

Now that the decision was final, the question that followed was, which breed would be the best match for their family? After a bit of research, they decided on an Akita. This breed comes from Japan and they are known to be protective of their owners. This description of the breed being protective is what sold the couple on getting an Akita.

In 2014, the two visited a local breeder of Akita puppies. Originally they were set on a male dog. However, it was the male dog’s sister that connected and clicked with Ricky and Alhanna. Luckily, the cute pup chose them back! They named her Keola and just like that their family grew one member.

Alhanna and Ricky babied their little Keola. They treated her as if she was one of their own. After 8 months, Alhanna and Ricky decided it was time to expand their family once more. However, this time they decided they were ready to make the plunge into parenthood. Unfortunately, in the beginning, they did not have the best luck while trying to conceive.

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