Adult German Shepherd With Rare Condition Looks Like Puppy

Forever young! Two-year-old German Shepherd still looks like a puppy due to a rare condition that means he’ll never grow up

  • Ranger, two, AKC German Shepherd from Phoenix, Arizona that looks like a puppy
  • He suffers from Pituitary Dwarfism, and won’t grow bigger than he is currently
  • The poor pup went through several medical complications due to diagnosis
  • But now healthy, and with a strong online following, Ranger is the happiest pooch

These pictures show an inspiring dog with dwarfism – that is stuck in perpetual puppy-hood.

Ranger is a two-year-old purebred AKC German Shepherd from Phoenix, Arizona, who has ‘Pituitary Dwarfism’.

It means he retains his puppy-like appearance much longer than is normal for his breed.

Ranger was diagnosed with the rare condition – which German Shepherds are predisposed to – after he contracted a parasite called Giardia.

After recovering from the infection his owners noticed Ranger wasn’t growing at the same rate a German Shepherd should.

They took him to their vet who revealed that little Ranger may have the Pituitary Dwarfism mutation.

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