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Adult German Shepherd With Rare Condition Looks Like Puppy

‘In the weeks following we took him home and he was parasite free but later on ended up getting a parasite called Giardia.

‘At the same time, we also discovered that Ranger had a large infection on his neck.

‘We were eventually able to get the infection under control, fast forward a few months later we were finally able to get rid of Giardia.

‘During this time Ranger remained very small, the vet had suspected that he may have Pituitary Dwarfism, a genetic mutation.’

‘But we were still skeptical as this condition is very rare.

‘Over time Ranger still did not get much bigger, and at this point we are certain he does have this condition.

‘After a few more months we got him neutered and that’s when we started to see big changes.

‘He lost his appetite, started to lose weight, lost almost all of his fur, and had extremely dry and flaky skin.

‘Many people on our Instagram page warned us that Pituitary Dwarfs can have many medical issues, but up until that point we hadn’t experienced any.

‘One of our followers, “Guardians Farm,” are a small company that makes handmade soaps, lotions, etc and they sent us goat milk soap, which ended up helping Rangers skin immensely.

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