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Brain Washing

In psychology, intelligent research, often referred to as the reform of thought, falls into the sphere of “social impact.” Social effects occur every minute. It is a collection of ways that people can change others’ attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. For example, the goal of the consent process is to change the behavior of a person and is not related to his attitude or belief. It’s the “just it” approach. On the other hand, there is a goal of change in persistent attitude, or “do this because it will make you happy / happy / healthy / successful.” For the social, professional gold, trying to influence the person’s beliefs, “Do this because you know it is the right thing.” The social effect of brainwashing (the “method of teaching,” which is not what you are taught) A deadly form that does not consider these methods without the consent of that person and against any of its desires Bay has changed thinking.

Because the brainwashing is such an aggressive form because it requires complete isolation and dependence of the subject, which is why you most often hear the jurisdiction or intelligence among the public majority. Agent (brainwash) Must have full control over the goal (brain), depending on the will of the sleeping patterns, eating, bathing and meeting the needs of other basic people. In the process of brainwashing, the agent regularly breaks the target’s identity so that it does not work anymore. The agent then replaces it with behaviors, attitudes and other sets of beliefs that work in its current environment.

Although most psychologists believe that brainwashing is possible under the right conditions, some affect it as being less or impossible than being portrayed in the media. Some definitions of brainwashing require the presence of threats of physical harm, and under these definitions, most extreme extremist exercises do not practice actual brainwashing, because usually, they do not physically abuse them physically. Other definitions relied on as an effective means of influencing “nonphysical forced and controlling.” Despite the definition of what you use, many experts believe that under the normative condition of the brain, the effect of the process is often short-term – the old identity of rape in the brain is not actually eliminated by the process but instead is hidden, and once the “new identity” is strong once When stopped, his old attitude and beliefs started to return Bay.

During the Korean War, it seems to be a clear transformation of American POWs, which seems to be not the result of old repression, “brain smog.” And indeed, most of the forces in Korean War have not been transformed into communism, which leads to the question of reliability: Is it pushing a system that creates similar results across the culture and personality type, or is it primarily influencing the sensitivity of the target? In the next section, we will examine the details of an expert in the brainwashing process and find out what is easy to focus on.

We are bombarded with commercials for sale of products, and real life or online, how people should vote, and ads for products such as eating, reading, getting angry are really a “trustworthy” business these days. Inspiration industry – or if you like “brainwashing” – it is very profitable, and we are regularly on a daily basis.

Before social media, advertisements were on our TV, billboards, and newspapers. They will appeal to you if you are part of their target audience. Otherwise, they just ignored and forgot. For example, if you do not pay attention to the litter pocket trade below, you would like a 10-year-old girl or a 10-year-old girl for a gift. It was 1994, and gender roles were acceptable and fair play.

However, we’ve only been #inactive with our social media and its personalized advertising – see terms below from Facebook. We are committed to showing relevant information, sometimes irrelevant, relevant ads. Our preferences, opinions, status updates, all provocations are designed to be a perfect strategy. But does it really work?

Researchers at Stanford, Pennsylvania, and Cambridge in Colombia, in a recent study published in PNAS, saw the effectiveness of advertising campaigns in social media. They study various mental properties from the digital footprint. These features we show online through our Facebook profile, Instagram pictures, tweets, blog posts or personal websites. Our traits can be used to evaluate our psychological profiles somewhat spontaneously.

In their research, they use Facebook “Like” as a version of a digital footprint and focuses on two personality traits: isolation and intimacy. In search of more than 25,000 “likes” users, they classify the Facebook users who have liked the “groups” or “slip stupid” extrovert, and who have liked “Stargate-SG1” or “Computers” intermittently (apparently the researchers believe) that stereotypes are a valid starting point for this study). They have created a variety of beauty ads, which are based on the emotional traits of pregnancy vs. pregnancy. The slogans are designed to attract extroverts such as “a person who loves to dance (but they are total)” or “love the spotlight and feel the moment,” but the underlying-targeting advertisement says that “beauty is not screaming” or “beauty Always not having the show.” Extra-targeted beauty advertisements were shown to the additional audience; the product was similar in that despite the similarities the products had in common, interim-targeted advertisements were more likely to purchase the product than being displayed on their Facebook page.

This online surveillance leads us to persuade us to buy more essential things, which may seem neutral compared to maintaining and motivating the targets of political and warfare.

There are chronic goals for mind control and intelligent governments around the world. Imagine if you could covet your enemies with a simple injection. This is not the government’s dream? It can be something like I describe a political thriller, but unfamiliar with the truth.

When brainwashing becomes a part of the political interest

MK-Ultra was a series of experiments of CIA that was directed at the project; sometimes they did not know that they were guinea pigs. Many, such as KK, the author of One Flew over the Kaku’s Nest, or Graffle Dead lyricist Rob Hunter was a volunteer for this human experiment. The CIA’s intention was to find out the key to fraud and even psychological torture in the CIA’s brain to use against US enemies; the MK-Ultra project was active between 1953 and 1973. At the time, the director of CIA, Richard Helms, MK-Ultra, aims to study a drug that “[…] can help depressed people disseminate information, and counsel suggestions and other forms of emotional control.” MK-Ultra focuses on the use of LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) to control the mind, but before that, other substances such as MDMA (or Ecstasy), were also objects of research.

Other test objectives identify personality, which would be easier to be harmful and prone to drug control. From 1946 until at least until 1953, the unwanted patients of the New York State Psychiatry Institute (NYSPI) were provided with medicines to find out what type of personality can be made available under the influence of a particular substance. It is not saying that this test was very irregular, and they spent a few lives due to lack of hardness (or general knowledge).

As far as we know, the social media platforms are not trying to inject us with any mind-controlled substances, but as a user, we must definitely be part of the ongoing test. In the PNAs article, Matzas emphasized the importance of well-defined policies, because mass efforts can be used by “good or bad” using psychological assessment through digital footprint. These ways of persuasion can help people to live healthy and happy lives, as well as help them to prompt for gambling or other self-harmful behavior. Or even to try before the CIA, even for “discreet individuals, information dissemination, and suggestions for advice and other forms of emotional control” may even be used.

We are no longer in the cold war, but deceiving the brain – or prompting if you want – it’s still enthralling for some and even profitable. Through online advertising, Russian bots, or very confidential government projects, manipulation and min are the topics of interest, and we all have potential issues. Think of the next time you “like” The elder brother is meeting you.

Brainwashing, also known as the Cherkave Persuasion, progressive efforts to accept certain loyalty, order or doctrine of non-believers. In a conversation word, it is generally applied to any strategy designed to manipulate people’s thinking or actions against the will, desires, or knowledge of a person. By controlling physical and social environment, attempts to destroy loyalty to an adverse party or person, so that his attitude and thinking should be misplaced and changed and the person is shown to develop loyalty and foolish loyalty. Ruling party

The term is most appropriately used in reference to a program of political or religious rebellion or ideological removing. Brainwashing techniques are usually associated with ex-partner and data source separation; Absolute obedience and humility require a proper regimen; Reward for strong social pressure and cooperation; Physical and emotional punishment for social separatism and criticism, lack of food, sleep, and social contact, tolerance, and abuse. And continuous reinforcement.

This happened in the communist political prison after the Chinese communist conquest in 1949 and the Korean and Vietnam War, as the brain received tremendous attention to the delusional nature. Recently, concerns regarding the use of information in religious discipline and fundamentalist political groups have caused concern in the United States.

Decompressing the effects of brainwashing by decompressing, or severe psychotherapy and collision, especially with religious community members, has been a little successful.

The depth and stability of the changes in perspectives and perspectives depending on the individual’s personality, the degree of corrections, and degree of review, which supports the new frame of the environment.

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