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Mind Games with Dark Psychology

The mind game is a type of social effect that aims to change behaviors or other ideas through abusive, fraudulent or underhand techniques. By increasing manipulative interest, often at other costs, these methods may be considered exploitable, insulting, confusing, and deceptive.

Social effects are not necessarily negative. For example, people like friends, family, and doctors can clearly agree to change rude behavior and behavior. The social impact is generally considered to be depleted when it respects the right to accept or reject and is not unreasonably compulsory. Depending on the context and motivation, the social impact may constitute underhanded manipulation.

At one point in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the author told Hamlet Guildenstein, “Why, now you see, how unworthy I am to you, you play on me, you know my stops, you will throw my heart in my heart ….” Shakespeare was talking about manipulation- asking someone to know something from someone, playing with someone’s mind. People probably played mind games from the beginning.

We play games of mind because it makes us feel powerful and avoid taking responsibility for our feelings. The difficulty in playing mind games is that you never have a real relationship with humans and thus do not feel a deep love connection that comes from honesty and belief.

Below seven are general mind games.

1. Compatibility

Incompatibility: This is the way to say something harmful to somebody, and then, when they get hurt, it seems hesitant that what you mean is not exactly correct. You can say to someone, “Sometimes you are so impossible.” If the person gets hurt (which you are conscious or unconsciously), you answer, “Oh, I was just kidding, sometimes you are very sensitive.” You never hit them, but you disqualify them first and then insult them, You hit them twice. It can make both other people angry and confused.

2. Forget Passive-aggressive personality to play this game

Forget Passive-aggressive personality to play this game: Basically, they forget important things like recruitment, commitment, debt repayment and similar. You wait for them to remember, but they do not, and when you bring it, they answer, “Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot.” After getting it many times, you start to get bored. Then they answer, “Oh, I’m really sorry, are you angry? You feel angry.” If you are angry with them, they protest, “Oh, God, I would have told you.” By doing that you are not angry about anything, which makes you even angrier. In this way, they suppress your anger without giving them the opportunity to voice your anger.

3. Torture

Sometimes people hate their projects and their oppression towards others. They are either unknown about their own hate, or they think it’s fair. Once they start the project, they look for the reasons for torture. If hateful people disagree with them in politics, reject invitations or laugh at the wrong way, then the persecutors find ways to punish them. They could talk about trash them about behind them behind them, get gangs against them against others, or might speak with them in a condescending or insulting way. They judge them as bad or evil and behave according to them. They never discuss their feelings or try to work. This is contrary to the golden rule, “Do as you please to others.” It can be said, “Punish others for not having what you want.”

4. Offense

Tripping here the game is done in such a way that if anyone wants to do their work, they feel guilty. A wife calls her husband “sexist,” and she can protest first, but eventually she does not want to be like her husband to be a sexist. He calls a husband’s wife as frustrated because he wants to feel guilty for not having sex with her. So, instead of just telling one’s spouse, “It hurts me when you do something like that” which may be involved in a discussion that can show both themselves neutral while avoiding the reality by blaming others only on names and concerns.

5. Gas light

The word “gas-lighting” comes from Ingrid Bergman’s classic movie, in which her husband thinks that he is going crazy because he sees something (like the gas is moving and closed). When he wanders in the light, he says, he does not see it. Some very disturbed people use this technique relative to this hate. They say and act, and then they deny denying them ever. When their partners are bringing these things, the gas-lighter starts to question the other. “I think maybe you have an active-active imagination, my favorite.” The person concerned from time to time is also not aware that he is doing this.

6. Shaming

Those who play the shameful game, see their anger when they catch people who do not like to say something or say something that is not inappropriate. This is the opposite of somebody’s ideology; It is demonizing anyone. A militant religious person who cannot wait to say “wrong thing” is not religious. “Religion is not always good,” someone could say. The religious nuts will jump on them as they, as a demon, distribute their quotes on the Internet in a distraught voice and apologize. Like this game, innocent citizens, looking around the world, snails can break their anger.

7. Prompting

Inspired different forms can take. A man can pose to be interested in a woman to get laid. A woman can pretend to attract a man to lead him, causing anger. People are angry when they are not angry that is actually very angry. People pretend to be your best friends to trust them while hiding their real purpose. Good actor good actors. Sometimes they are even convinced that they are sincere. Psychology we call a feedback-structure A person may be jealous to you, but you can deny yourself and convince yourself of the opposite, that the best wishes for you. If you believe such a person, you can fall in their trap and express regret. Inspiring is a way to control you and to avoid any clash that comes from honesty.

These mind games are bad enough for adults, but unfortunately, some parents play these games with their children unknowingly, hit them and get confused. These games have all the advantages, but at the same time, they prevent real relationships and love, which really make a living. Stay away from those who play this game and those who are intense towards them.

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