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The MOST EVIL KIDS in the History of the Mankind

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Kids can be so cruel,” which is usually in reference to schoolyard bullying.

It might also relate to such things as young kids pulling the legs off spiders. Psychologists tell us one of the reasons for such cruelty, especially against animals, is that children have not fully developed their sense of empathy.

Sometimes they just don’t understand the gravity of their actions. But then older kids should know better. Psychologists also tell us older kids that tend to be evil might have suffered from abusive relationships.

They might also just be little psychopaths in the making, domineering devils with an anti-social attitude, and sometimes it seems there’s no rational explanation why they are they way they are.

Today we are going to introduce you to some of the worst children ever. The Most Evil Kids that Ever Lived.

Number #10 : Peter Woodcock

We’ll start with the oldest kid on this list, who we admit could be said to have been almost an adult when he did his wicked deeds. He was 17 when he first started raping and killing young children in Toronto, Canada, in the 1950s.

Woodcock had a bad start in life – like many kids on this list – he was put up for adoption by his 17-year old mom and then he was physically and sexually abused by his foster parents.

He moved from home to home and was constantly bullied. At age 17, some say 16, he stalked young kids in Toronto. He molested and killed a boy of nine, another boy of 6, and also a girl of 4 in a short time span, and was soon arrested.

He did strange things to his victims, like biting them, or with the girl, committing the rape partly with a tree branch. He defecated next to one of his victim’s bodies and ritualistically sprinkled pennies or paper clips over the dead.

He was found to be insane and was locked up in a psychiatric facility. There he underwent all kinds of strange therapies, including being given powerful LSD and locked in a dark room. Nothing worked.

As an adult, he would kill again, and that’s a very strange story for another time. He is so high on this list only because it’s debatable if he was actually a kid when he did those evil things.

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