A pregnant woman’s dog tried to warn her by constantly crying

Further explaining her irritation with the situation, Alhanna informed The Mirror in 2016, “We did test after test, but it was no luck they just kept coming up negative”. The couple became restless.

Alhanna explained, after throwing away another negative test, she and Ricky decided to go out. While they were out and about, Keola did some digging. When they returned home, they found that Keola had been in the trash can fishing around and pulled out the pregnancy test revealing a faint positive. This was unusual behavior for Keola because she had never touched the trash.

In addition to this, Alhanna detailed that what made this even odder was the fact that Keola sat in front of the test like she was trying to communicate something. Alhanna was in awe, she couldn’t believe it! On the other hand, Ricky was not convinced by the faintness of the line.

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