TOP 5 Highest Paying Masters Degrees That Are Actually Worth It (2020)

4. Master’s of Business Administration (MBA)

Another example of the highest paying master’s degrees is MBA. A Master of Business Administration is a general management degree designed to educate students in such areas as Finances, Human Resources, Marketing, Strategy, and Operational management.

The average salary for MBA graduates is around $100,000 a year. Making the pursuit of an MBA a major choice for those looking to advance in career. The highest-paying jobs for MBA graduates may include:

Marketing manager

The average salary for a Marketing manager is around 132,620 a year. Projected growth by 2026 is 10%. Marketing managers develop programs to generate interest in the company’s products or services, in addition to sales promotion, marketing management covers product development and design, brand and product management, and new media platforms.

To become a Marketing manager you would usually need to have work experience in advertising, marketing, promotions, or sales. Many managers have previous experience as sales representatives, buyers, purchasing agents, or public relations specialists. Many of these workers are employed in advertising agencies or in corporate or regional managing offices.

Sales Manager

The average salary of a Sales Manager is around $124,220 a year. Sales managers direct sales teams, set sales goals, analyze data, and develop training programs for organizations’ sales representatives.

Most high-level Sales Managers graduate from an MBA program with a concentration in marketing. Many Sales Managers have previous work experience as a sales representative. Sales Managers often are required to travel as a part of their job responsibilities.

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