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What happens when you die?

This is where it gets kind of undignified, but what do you care, you’re dead. Once you’re definitely no longer with us, your muscles relax, and this means your sphincter will too, meaning that triple Whopper and large fires you had for lunch will spill out of you – the gas you have in you may also leak out and cause a stink.

The same goes for the pee you’ve got in your bladder, so dying not surprisingly is a bit of a messy affair. And men, you might even ejaculate. As for women, you may give birth after you have died if you were pregnant, which is something called “coffin birth”. It doesn’t happen often, though. Instead of pushing, it’s the gases in the abdomen that squeeze the newborn into the world.

As the body gets rid of what is trapped inside, noises may be emitted from your mouth as air escapes. Nurses and people working close to dead bodies have regularly reported hearing very alive-sounding moans and groans coming from dead bodies. You may twitch, but this doesn’t mean there is life in you, these are just muscle contractions.

You could also soon get an erection if you died lying on your stomach and the blood flowed down there. All your blood will pool to a certain area of your body. This is called “livor mortis” and it’s the reason parts of you will have that dark purple color you have seen on TV.
These are the lovely things that can happen quite shortly after you go.

With no blood flowing through your body, it will begin to cool down, known as “algor mortis”, or simply “death chill”.

It will keep cooling until it is the same temperature as your surroundings. You will become stiff within about 2-6 hours, and this we call “rigor mortis”. This is because calcium is getting into your muscle cells. Cells break down without blood flow and this leads to bacteria growth, and that’s why you start to decompose. You may look like your hair or your nails have grown, but that isn’t the case.

What is happening is that your skin is receding, giving the impression of growth.

The skin will loosen, too, and blisters will appear on the body.

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